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Care by design - 1:1 JOINT AND MUSCLE CREAM
Care by design |
THC: 450.0mg
CBD: 450.0mg
What it is: The Care By Design 1:1 Full Spectrum Cannabis Joint and Muscle Cream infuses CBD and THC into a soothing cream made with aloe vera and shea butter. Why We Love It: The 1:1 Joint and Muscle Cream is packed with full-spectrum cannabis, CBD, THC, and minor cannabinoids THCa and CBDa. The cream is non-psychoactive when applied directly to the skin, so the effects can be enjoyed regardless of THC tolerance. Dosing And Potency: Each 3oz bottle contains 450mg THC and 450mg CBD. Apply topically (on the skin) as needed for non-psychoactive CBD comfort. This soothing cream uses full-spectrum cannabis oil and a unique blend of other essential oils designed for effective absorption and comfort. A Bit About The Brand: From the CBD-rich cannabis grown in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, Care By Design pioneered CBD to THC ratios that deliver powerful relief by harnessing the full theraputic potential of the cannabis plant.
- 450.0 milligrams
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