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Connected - DOSI & BANANA 3.5G
Connected |
THC: 28.1%
"Dosi & Banana from Connected, created by crossing Banana OG with Dosilato, has a spicy fruit punch aroma that will hit you like a slap to the face. Sweet candy body with high notes of gassy tropical banana. Loaded with pistils of tarnished copper that emerge from the recesses of dark green and deep purple nug clusters with trichome coverage so thick you’d swear this flower just walked in from a blizzard. This flower is dense and cured to perfection. Not unlike Velcro, it sticks to itself but not to your fingers. Dosi & Banana has a buttery smooth flavor with a hint of banana on the pull. As you exhale, you’ll experience an earthy yet leathery flavor with a spicy bite at the tail end. D&B relaxes the body and proceeds to the mind making this an excellent Indica dominant strain for relaxation while still leaving room to be social"
- 3.5 grams
In Stock