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Cosmic fog - AMBROSIA 1G
"What it is: Indulge in the heavenly flavor of Ambrosia Cosmic Vape Cartridge, a pinnacle of sophistication and refinement for the connoisseur. The captivating sativa strain tantalizes with its fruity nectar and fragrant floral notes, accompanied by subtle earthy undertones for a perfectly balanced taste. Dosing And Potency: Compatible with CCELL batteries, which are available here at Airfield Supply Co. Recommended to keep in room temperature environments, as extreme temperatures will damage cartridge and battery. A Bit About The Brand: Cosmic Fog was founded in sunny southern California in 2013 with the vision and dream of crafting the world's best flavors in the emerging vapor space. Cosmic Fog quickly became the largest American vapor brand in the world as well as one of the largest manufacturers of vaping products for the entire industry. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock
This product is no longer available.