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Cruisers |
THC: 100.0mg
"What it is: Cruisers Mango Gummies are all fun, no frills Why We Love It: Our weed wizards supercharge each sugar-dusted treat with 5mg of THC from 100% hybrid full-spectrum oil for good times only. Like an afternoon shift into the next gear, each balanced gummy’s fresh and juicy mango flavors will get you there, and then some. So, hit the high road, Jack, and skid in sideways in a cloud of smoke when you arrive. Dosing And Potency: 10mg THC Per Gummy | 10 Gummies Per Pack A Bit About The Brand: We skip by the doldrums of the daily grind and invite our consumers to hit the high road with us, yer buds at Cruisers. The destination? That carefree place where the bowl is always full and responsibility is nowhere to be found "
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