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Farmer and the felon - PAVÉ - COLD CURE ROSIN
"What it is: Pavé is a hybrid strain extracted by Farmer and the Felon. Why We Love It: Pavé is said to have notes of plum, mint and pepper followed by feelings of tingles, euphoria and creativity. Dosing And Potency: Farmer and the Felon concentrates are known to pack a punch - a little goes a long way! Keep this in the fridge between use to keep your terps as fresh as possible and get the most out of your dabs. A Bit About The Brand: Farmer and the Felon are cannabis cultivators determined to preserve the countercultural history of the prohibition era while advocating social justice for the cannabis prisoners in the here-and-now by partnering with the Last Prisoner Project. "
- 1.0 grams
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