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Glass house farms - GG4 3.5G
GG4 3.5G
They donʼt call it “The Glue” for nothing. After a LOT of pheno-hunting, we selected our iteration of the contemporary classic for providing a pleasurable, cozy heaviness to the mind and body that will “glue” you in place for a while. If itʼs euphoric relief and melting relaxation youʼre after, this earthy, diesel-y GG4 will live up to its reputation as a satisfying, stoney delight that is definitely not good for getting things done. | Feelings Heavy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Calm | Flavor Herbal, Diesel, Citrus | Usage Staying In, Hanging Out, Taking a Break | Lineage: Chem’s Sister x Sour DubB x Chocolate Diesel
- 3.5 grams
In Stock