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Gold flora - HORCHATA 14G
Gold flora |
THC: 28.43%
"What it is: Horchata is a hybrid strain combining Jet Fuel Gelato with Mochi Gelato Why We Love It: Horchata's effects give you a calming all over body high with an uplifted mind. You'll feel relaxation wash over you while the cerebral effects are said to be euphoric and creative. The aroma is citrusy with lemon and hints of berry. With a smoke that tastes of lemon and a touch of light spice. Dosing And Potency: Gold Flora flower is packed and weighed aprprox 14g and ready to be smoked in joints, or using glassware such as a pipe, bong or bubbler. A Bit About The Brand: Gold Flora is a leading brand of legal, compliant cannabis in the California market. The company is affiliated with Gold Flora Farms — a unique, fully licensed cannabis complex in Desert Hot Springs, California, that houses premier companies throughout the eco-system, including leaders in cultivation, manufacturing, processing, testing, packaging, and distribution. "
- 14.0 grams
In Stock