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Gramlin |
THC: 81.66%
Fire in, fire out - that’s exactly what this flavorful full gram Indoor Live Rosin Vape is. Extracted from fresh-frozen indoor flower straight out of our grow, LAnmal Sherb’s terp profile packs a pungent and nutty sour citrus flavor. The terp-packed oil comes in an All-In-One Vape bar featuring an ultra-wide ceramic coil that is metal and cotton-free for a smooth smoke that protects the flavor til the end. Press the button 5x to turn the device on and let preheat for 6 seconds for best taste. Once on, the device is inhale-activated and comes preset to our recommended 2.4v setting for those true-to-flower terp hits, but can be adjusted to 2.6v for bigger clouds. Your call, hit the button 3x to switch. The inhale-activated LED blinks 2x for heat-protection and 10x for low battery. USB Type-C rechargeable cord, not included. Unlock Gramlin Mode with rosin like no other - you’re welcome for the flavor of your dreams. @gramlinmode | | 1g Indoor Live Rosin Vape | Quality All-In-One Bar Design | Extracted from 100% Indoor Flower | Inhale-Activated LED | Indica Leaning | An empty integrated vaporizer shall be properly disposed of as hazardous waste at a household hazardous waste collection facility or other approved facility.
- 1.0 grams
In Stock