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Heavy hitters - GREEN CRACK (THCV) 1G
Heavy hitters |
THC: 65.2%
CBD: 0.15%
"What it is: Hyped and high, minus the munchies. Lights On THCV Energy vapes provide an alert, focused high designed for those who need to be on top of their game. This blend consists of a classic super sativa: Green Crack, infused with a 3:1 ratio of energizing THCV. Dosing And Potency: 510 Thread CCell compatible. Variable voltage recommended for finding your perfect hit. Recommended to keep in room temperature environments, as extreme temperatures will damage cartridge and battery. A Bit About The Brand: Founded in 1996. Los Angeles born and raised. Family-owned and operated. Heavy Hitters remains driven by a relentless pursuit of crafting the perfect high. No shortcuts, no substitutes, no compromises. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock