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Henry's original - BLUE DREAM 3.5G
"What it is: Nothing compares to the classics, especially one as beloved as Blue Dream. The sativa that acts like an indica, it's been a staple of the California market for decades. If you haven't tried it yet I'm sorry to say that you're late to the game. But fear not! Our Blue Dream has all the heavy Myrcene terpenes and checks all the boxes that make it so popular. Dosing And Potency: Our flower has been expertly harvested and cured, then carefully hand-trimmed before being immediately packaged. This allows us to retain the fresh flavor and aroma of each crop. Our flower Is produced in small quantities and features the legacy strains that Henry’s Original is known for, as well as a wide variety of seasonal and limited-edition varietals! A Bit About The Brand: Henry's Original is proudly farmer owned and operated. We were founded by legacy growers who came of age in the heartland of heritage cannabis, Mendocino County, where we are still based today. Our cannabis is cultivated in small batches, using sustainable and organic based growing methods to produce premium, clean green certified flower. "
- 3.5 grams
In Stock