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Highatus |
THC: 100.0mg
"What it is: A delightful blend of strawberries and lemons combined to enhance your day with an explosion of delicious flavor. This THC infused recipe will have you feeling like it's summer all year long. Crafted with sativa terpenes, our Strawberry Lemonade sour gummy can result in a boost of euphoric energy, providing the perfect joyful buzz for a warm weather day. Why We Love It: Strawberry Lemonade Highatus gummies give you a nice burst of energy along with a burst of fruity flavor. Dosing And Potency: 10 gummies | 100 mg THC per pack. Store in a cool dry place. A Bit About The Brand: Highatus offers a premium selection of high-quality cannabis edibles, delivering a flavor and experience that will transport your body and mind to new heights. Using all natural ingredients and putting our focus on flavor above all else has resulted in a product that will keep customers coming back for more. "
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