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Jeeter - MAUI WOWIE 1G
Jeeter |
THC: 87.15%
"What it is: Maui Wowie is a Sativa-dominant landrace strain that originated in the 1970s on the Hawaiian island for which it’s named. The strain has been cultivated for more than four decades.Extracted by Jeeter. Why We Love It: Although it carries some Indica genetics, the growth pattern of this Sativa-dominant strain produces tall, lanky plants that provide a pine-infused flavor and inspiring effects. Dosing And Potency: Jeeter Juice is created by taking concentrates THCA diamonds and melting them into an incredibly pure oil. This process uses less plant matter which keeps the most aromatic terpenes intact. A Bit About The Brand: JEETER was born in the city & suburban streets of South Florida. The slogan was quickly coined, “Pass the Jeeter” and became common language. Built on nostalgic memories, Jeeter is now one of the leading pre-roll brands in California. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock