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Jetfuel cannabis - DURBAN POISON 1G
Jetfuel cannabis |
THC: 83.02%
CBD: 0.56%
"What it is: Durban Poison is an ultra-pure Sativa that originated from the African Landrace strain; it’s grown indoors & concentrated into high quality cured resin to fill our NEW 1g cartridges. Why We Love It: Rich in Terpinolene and Pinene, this strain is notable for its sharp pine aromas, sweet & sour flavors, and extremely energizing effects. This earthy and active strain is the perfect co-pilot for every adventure; helping you stay productive through a busy day, explore the world around you, or lend a spark of creativity. Dosing And Potency: Compatible with CCELL batteries, which are available here at Airfield Supply Co. Recommended to keep in room temperature environments, as extreme temperatures will damage cartridge and battery. A Bit About The Brand: Jetfuel Cannabis is the Bay Area's leader in indoor-grown, small batch craft cannabis, cultivating commercially since 2010 as a part of Airfield Supply Company and born out of a love for the higher things in life. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock