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Jetty |
THC: 81.07%
"What it is: A delightful cross of Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies, this uplifting, sativa-dominant strain packs flavors of sweet and sour citrus, sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Why We Love It: OCal is the comparable-to-organic program for cannabis grown and manufactured in California. OCal products are cultivated without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or bioengineering. It is the cleanest oil available, made from cold water hash that’s extracted using only ice and water. Our unique filtration process removes excess fats and waxes increasing purity (and THC %) while keeping all the tasty terpenes. The result: a light, golden oil, and unmatched flavor profile. Dosing And Potency: Premium cartridge with Jetty signature wood tip. * May be plastic if wood tips unavailable. Works with any 510-thread battery. A Bit About The Brand: Jetty Extracts makes a commitment to creating the finest, carefully crafted products with genuine cannabis terpenes - free of pesticides, chemicals and fillers. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock