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Kiva |
THC: 100.0mg
"What it is: Picture this: A demanding schedule, deadlines approaching, and a sense of fatigue creeping in. This is precisely when Camino Sours Tropical Burst Energy gummies step in to give you just the boost you need. Why We Love It: Whether you’re about to embark on a thrilling adventure, or simply need a boost to seize the day, Tropical Burst Energy Camino Sours are your go-to choice for an invigorating experience that propels you forward with newfound vitality. THCV is your energy-boosting ally, potentially enhancing metabolism, curbing appetite, and ensuring a clear-headed journey. • Caffeine, the world’s most popular stimulant, is renowned for its mood-enhancing properties. We add just enough to support increased alertness and a reduction in fatigue, providing a pep in your step equivalent to half a cup of iced tea. • Vitamin B6 & B12 support mood-improvement and helps convert food into energy Dosing And Potency: Packed with 10MG of THC and 5MG of THCV with sativa like terpenes and the vitamins B6 and B12 combined with the perfect amount of caffeine, these gummies are your ticket to an enlivened experience. A Bit About The Brand: Kiva Confections products are crafted from premium ingredients and skillfully combined with California cannabis. Since beginning in 2010, their goal was to create an edible that redefined what a cannabis confection ought to be. Kiva delivers on that mission today by applying art and science to ensure a deliciously consistent experience. "
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