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Kurvana - BISCOTTI 1G
Kurvana |
THC: 82.4%
CBD: 0.2%
"What it is: Biscotti is an indica strain crossing Gelato 25 and Sour Florida OG. Why We Love It: Launch your mind into a pure lifted state of sweet sticky bliss with this classic indica dominant pairing that will settle you into a full-bodied euphoria. Dosing And Potency: CARBON21 is our pinnacle vape line, consisting of carefully curated raw concentrates in our latest hardware. We pair our proprietary live-plant curation with a unique extraction method for each strain in this line. Deliberately crafted in small batches, each strain is presented in its rawest concentrate form—rich with the cannabinoid, flavonoid and terpene complexities of the live cannabis plant. A Bit About The Brand: Since its founding in 2014, Kurvana’s mission has always been simple: to bring purity, potency, and transparency into the cannabis market. With unparalleled dedication to their craft, Kurvana consistently provides whole-plant cannabis products to consumers who seek an all-natural product – one that celebrates the seemingly endless benefits of the mother plant without any harmful and unnecessary fillers or additives. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock