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Kurvana |
THC: 80.75%
CBD: 0.22%
"What it is: Headband is a classic sativa strain. Why We Love It: A creamy mouthfeel with citrusy notes on inhale leads way to a faint skunkiness, offering full bodied effects reminiscent of its iconic diesel parents Dosing And Potency: Ready to use device. For a single dose, inhale for 3 seconds. Wait 15 minutes before dosing again. Known for its patented signature look, precise delivery, and compact design, we’ve made significant updates to deliver breakthrough performance with ultra portability. Store in dry cool places to avoid damage to vape or battery. A Bit About The Brand: Since its founding in 2014, Kurvana’s mission has always been simple: to bring purity, potency, and transparency into the cannabis market. With unparalleled dedication to their craft, Kurvana consistently provides whole-plant cannabis products to consumers who seek an all-natural product – one that celebrates the seemingly endless benefits of the mother plant without any harmful and unnecessary fillers or additives. "
- 0.5 grams
In Stock