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Manzanita naturals - KWIK EASE SATIVA
What it is: Kwik Ease Strawberry Haze Sativa packs the best parts of summer into a 2oz bottle. Blending real strawberries and fresh lemon juice with a sweet Strawberry Haze sativa, this strawberry lemonade gives you a graceful lift to elevate your summer enjoyment. Why We Love It: No caffeine, no crash, no problem. Dosing And Potency: The 5mg cap allows you to control your dosage with ease, eliminating any need for dosing stress or overthinking. A Bit About The Brand: Manzanita Naturals has one and only one purpose - to produce the most delicious cannabis-infused beverages on the planet, all while never compromising on quality.
- 60.0 milliliters
In Stock