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Northern emeralds - SAPPHIRE KUSH 3.5G
Northern Emeralds draws from a rich history and deep knowledge, driven by a tireless curiosity and work ethic. Northern Emeralds grows the best cannabis in California. Sapphire Kush offers users strong uplifted euphoric and sociable effects. This strain is great for daytime use for relieving stress and pain without getting too tired. This strain offers an aroma that is floral, evergreen, and earthy. Sapphire Kush is a hybrid strain. CONSUMPTION & DOSAGE: Flower can be smoked in joints, or using glassware such as a pipe, bong or bubbler. It can also be heated and vaporized using an electronic vaporizer to give a smoother experience and to preserve taste. If you are new to smoking cannabis, try just a hit or 2 and wait 15 minutes for the full effect, assessing how you feel, before consuming more.
- 3.5 grams
In Stock