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Plus |
THC: 100.0mg
CBD: 100.0mg
"What it is: Bring yourself back to homeostasis with PLUS+ New Balance Raspberry 1:1 Gummies! Now vegan and fast-acting, PLUS+ all natural gummies are thoughtfully formulated to helpreduce everyday stress, aches and pain. Why We Love It: This 1:1 blend of CBD:THC delivers the perfect entourage effects to bring you back toequilibrium. Plus, our nano-emulsified THC works faster, helping your body get back tocenter right away. Dosing And Potency: Each gummy contains 5mg CBD and 5mg THC and a custom blend of terpenes to delivertargeted effects and put your universe back on its axis. 200mg total cannabinoids and 100mg THC per tin. Store in a cool dry place. A Bit About The Brand: PLUS is a cannabis branded products company focused on using nature to bring balance to consumers’ lives. PLUS’s mission is to make cannabis safe and approachable – that begins with high-quality products that deliver consistent consumer experiences. "
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