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"What it is: ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH THE PUFFCO PROXY DEVICE: The Proxy Droplet is a premium percolated water filtration piece for the Puffco Proxy. As effective as it is elegant, the Proxy base inserts into the top of the Droplet to deliver cooler, smoother hits with an unforgettable rumble. *Proxy base unit not included. Why We Love It: Droplet’s beautifully hand-blown borosilicate glass displays an ocean blue drop within a clear, gradient-frosted body. Its fluid design flows seamlessly between form and function, fitting comfortably in your hand and on any surface in your home. Dosing And Potency: *Proxy base unit not included. HAND-BLOWN BOROSILICATE GLASS. PERCOLATED WATER FILTRATION. A Bit About The Brand: Puffco has brought together the disciplines of design, technology, and engineering with the mission of providing the best platform for user-friendly concentrate consumption. "
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