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Suprize suprize - BERRY GARY INFUSED 5PK
Suprize suprize |
THC: 758.7mg
"What it is: A hybrid blend infused with live trichome heads by Suprize Suprize. Why We Love It: Citrusy, sweet and spice notes are followed by relaxing, and blissful effects. Dosing And Potency: Hashies is a first of it's kind, that we know of, in that they are made with hand trimmed cured whole fresh flowers, and infused with Live Trichomes. Live Trichomes are extracted from fresh frozen flowers. A simple and pure combination that's aimed to please the connoisseur. Freshly ground, infused, rolled and immediately sealed in a compostable bag for maximum freshness. A Bit About The Brand: Suprize Suprize was born out of a desire to combine premium flower and top notch concentrate crafters - all with with an artistic edge and attention to detail. "
- 2.5 grams
In Stock
This product is no longer available.