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Shop Raza Owned with Humo this Cinco De Mayo

May 5, or Cinco de Mayo, commemorates the Battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5, 1862. The Mexican army, led by General Ignacio Zaragoza, fought against the French military, trying to establish a foothold in Mexico. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the Mexican army defeated the French, a significant victory for Mexico at the time. While this holiday may not be considered a major one in Mexico, it has become increasingly popular in the United States as a day for celebrating Mexican culture and heritage.

This commemoration is often in the form of parties primarily centered around the purchase and overconsumption of alcohol. For years, Cinco De Mayo has even taken on nicknames like “Cinco De Drink-o,” further cementing it as a drinking holiday and attracting major corporations to target Latino consumers solely for their buying power.

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, we stand with Humo and believe in the importance of honoring the indigenous roots of the plant and rejecting the notion of it as a vice, especially on a day aimed at celebrating what it means to be of Mexican descent.

We’re proudly redefining our relationship with the Cinco De Mayo holiday. We are reintroducing it to the cannabis industry with a renewed focus on respecting cannabis as plant medicine, honoring Mexican culture and traditions, and supporting authentically Latino-owned businesses like Humo.

Let’s celebrate Cinco De Mayo in a way that honors and respects Mexican culture and work to promote inclusivity and diversity in our celebrations.

¡Happy Cinco De Mayo, celebrate responsibly y que viva la raza y la mota!

May 4, 2023


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