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High There, Captain!

Welcome to Airfield’s Frequent Flyer program, the new way to earn miles and miles of rewards on every trip!

Perks of being a High Flyer include:

  • 10 Frequent Flyer Miles for every $1 spent in-store & online
  • Dope discounts to save you up to 30% off your entire purchase
  • Exclusive info on upcoming events & specials
  • Refer a friend program for extra savings!
  • Chances to win extra miles and save even more!
  • Redeem Frequent Flyer Miles on pick up and delivery orders!

Looking for your Treez Points?

Worry not! For every $4 you had on our old loyalty program with Treez, we added 1000 Frequent Flyer Miles to your wallet! These miles will get you off and running with the same value you had before, now with even more ways to redeem!

You can now redeem your Frequent Flyer Miles on pick-up and delivery orders!

Have more questions? Check the FAQ!

How To View Your Wallet

Step 1

  1. Scan the QR code to pull up the Wallet Mobile App
  2. Wait to follow the on-screen instructions to add the app to your homescreen by pressing cancel, you can do this after step 2 or step 3 for easier login in the future!
  3. If you’re an existing customer, proceed to step 2!
  4. If you’re a new customer, go straight to step 3!

Step 2 (Existing Customers)

  1. If you are an existing customer at Airfield, press the link at the top of the page to create a password for your account labeled “create one now”
  2. To connect your wallet to your existing account, use the email or phone number that you use on our website to place an online order and the accounts with be connected automatically.
  3. Create a sufficient password. 
  4. Save your new password.
  5. You’re all set to start earning and saving!

Step 3 (First-Time Customers)

  1. If you are a first-time customer at Airfield, press the button at the bottom of the page labeled “Create an Account”
  2. Enter your information completely and accurately. To ensure your accounts are connected when you place your first order, use the same phone number and email you will use to log into our website to place online orders.
  3. Create a sufficient password.
  4. Create your account.
  5. You’re all set to start earning & saving!
  6. TIP: Make sure you use the same login information for your online ordering account so your points go to the right place!

Step 4

  1. Now that you’re all logged in, the on-screen instructions to add the app to your homescreen should pop up once again
  2. Follow these instructions to add the app to your homescreen for easy access to your rewards and deals!

Refer A Friend

A smoke sesh is better with friends! For each person who signs up for our Frequent Flyer loyalty program with your code and spends $100, both you and your referral get 1,000 miles added to their wallet!

Finding Your Unique Refer A Friend Code

  1. Once logged into your wallet, find the navigation bar at the bottom of the homescreen.
  2. Click “Refer” and find your unique code ready to copy and send to all of your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are miles?

Miles and points are earned for a variety of actions, including shopping, visits, and more!

How do I earn miles?

You earn miles for every order with Airfield – whether you shop in-store, or online for pick-up, or delivery. Miles unlock tiers of reward discounts, which you will be able to use on any visit in-store.

How do I start earning miles?

You will begin to accrue miles once you confirm your Frequent Flyer account signup. See the instructions to get started here!

Can I use my miles for online orders or delivery?

Yes! When you are checking out at, you will see an option to use your Frequent Flyer miles if you have earned a discount. When logged into your account at checkout, simply press “Redeem Rewards” and choose which reward to redeem! Need help? Give us a call at (408) 320-0230! We can walk you through it. 

Can I use my points at other Gold Flora family dispensaries?

Right now, Frequent Flyer miles are only able to be used at Airfield Supply Company. We will let you know when this changes to include our sister retail locations!

How long does it take for miles to appear in my digital wallet?

Your miles status can take up to 24 hours to update after placing an order. If you are still missing miles after 24 hours, it is possible that your phone number or email on your Frequent Flyer account was not used when completing your transaction. It’s crucial that you make sure that your transaction is recorded under your customer record.

When do miles expire?

Your miles expire 365 days from your last purchase at Airfield Supply Company.  Frequent Flyer miles have no monetary value and terms of the program are subject to change without notice.

Can I leave the Frequent Flyer program?

We would be sad to see you go, but yes. You can opt-out through SMS message, the unsubscribe link in our emails, as well as request to be opted out through any Airfield team member. Just a reminder, once opting out, you will no longer earn miles until you sign back up.

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